2017-09-06 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1937

Thornton Williams of Millen, ordained Baptist minister, who completed his junior year at Furman University in June, has been elected principal of the Lanier Junior High School in Jenkins County. He is the pastor of Elam Baptist Church, which serves the same community the Lanier school serves.

School will open in Jenkins County on Monday, Sept. 6th. J. F. Sosby, formerly of the Royston schools, has been named Superintendent, to succeed W.E. Pafford, who resigned to accept the position as state school supervisor of the Waycross section.

Loans of 9 cents per pound will be made on the 1937 cotton crop, Secretary Wallace announced today. In addition, each grower participating in next year’s production control program will be eligible for a maximum subsidy of 3 cents a pound on 65% of this year’s basis production.

Bell’s Drug Store and City Drug Store advertise 100 Quinine capsules for $1; 1-2 gallon mineral oil for 89 cents; Creomulsion, $1.25 size for $1.09; Lysol or Creolin, 30c size for 23 cents; and Groves Chill Tonic, $1 size for 89 cents.

“Get Along Little Doggies” starring Gene Autry is playing at the Pal Theatre.

An all-time record was set during August for the collection of gasoline taxes from automobile owners of the state. The collections were $1,771,434.05, the largest for any single month in the history of the state. This represents a gain over the same month of last year of $126,000 and over July of this year of $137,080.

In Elberton, Georgia, the home of George Davis, colored, granite quarry worker, was the target of night riders when 10 bullets went through his home, one of them about 14 inches above Davis’ prostrate form on the bed. Also, officers have in their possession an unexploded TNT stick said to have been found under the home of Warley Harris, colored. An unexploded stick of TNT was discovered in the yard of Albert Rucker, colored. Rucker says he was watching the person that threw the dynamite from his car a distance of 45 yards away. The Sheriff is amazed both sticks did not explode.

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