2017-09-13 / Front Page

City to consider loft apartments on Cotton and Winthrope Avenues

By Deborah Bennett

Millen City Council, during a recent meeting, discussed the possibility of amending the city’s current ordinance on second floor residential apartments in several zones in the City.

The proposal was brought to Council by Mandy Underwood, Executive Director, Jenkins County Chamber of Commerce/ Development Authority. Mrs. Underwood explained that she had been approached by several potential investors about renovating buildings on Cotton and Winthrope Avenues who also wanted to add second floor “loft” apartments. By common consent, Council instructed City Attorney Hubert Reeves III to draft a Code Amendment for this purpose and bring it to Council for review at the September meeting.

City Manager Jeff Brantley informed Council of a new bill that was signed into law that requires the City to purchase a cancer insurance policy for every full time and volunteer fireman. More details will be coming as the law and coverage amounts are currently being interpreted by the Georgia Municipal Association.

Mr. Brantley also discussed the capabilities of the current website the City is using that is hosted by the Jenkins County Development Authority. It was determined that this website has most of the capabilities needed by the City and Council chose not to pursue development of a new website at this time.

The cost estimate from Parker Engineering on completion of necessary sewer improvements for the new school under construction would be about $455,000, Mr. Brantley said. The improvements would need to start at Cleveland Avenue and end south of the railroad tracks on South Masonic Street. The improvement would need to begin prior to August 2018.

It was reported that the City has been approved for a Georgia Department of Transportation Safety Grant in the amount of $46,000 for sidewalk improvements. The funds will be used to install handicap ramps along the sidewalks in the Harvey, Gray and Hendrix streets areas.

Other actions taken by Council included: approved the purchase of two Air Quality Monitors for $3,190 from Nafeco and 21 Air Cylinders for $9,191.64 from Vallen Safety Service with the proceeds to come from the approved Safety Grant in the amount of $7,300 to offset the total cost; approved purchase of new mower for Utilities Department in the amount of $8,289 with payment to come from SPLOST 6 funds; and approved City Manager to negotiate and sign a contract with IntelliSystems for It services for the city’s computer systems with price not exceed $75 monthly.

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