2017-09-13 / Letters


Dear Editor,

It seems that every time I write to you I have a criticism. This time is no exception.

This time my complaint is about the title of this page. I am looking at the September 6, 2017 issue of The Millen News and am reading the section you title Opinions, yours and ours.

Where is the "Opinion"? You recount the reports of storm damage in Texas and make a plea for the Red Cross. The Red Cross? Please. You might as well throw your money out the window and hope that someone who needs it will find it. If you really want to help, donate to the Salvation Army.

Then you have Mike telling about him being a hooker (Repo-boy)... spare me the details of your duties Mike. Next in line you have Don telling how much he likes nature (such a sweetie) and the last guy Slim telling us about how much fun it is to kill animals.

So please change the name of this page to "Begging, Boasting or Bloating, that’s us”

"Hot nuts, hot nuts, get them at the peanut stand!"

I see that you no longer invite people to share their opinions. The email address, themillennews@gmail.com, has not been listed for quite some time either.

My Opinion
Wayne Salter - Suburbs of Perkins

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