2017-09-20 / ChatterBox

The Chatter Box

By Deborah Bennett

We welcomed a new granddaughter into our family on Sept. 4th. Keely Rose was born to our son Jason and wife, Melissa. And she is, of course, precious.

Keely makes six grandchildren, and I’m told she will be our last. We do have a “full house” when all of them are with us. And it is wonderful. I missed having little feet running through the house and little hands getting into everything before the grandchildren starting coming.

The only problem is that they are growing up too fast! I don’t remember my sons doing that. It seemed they were going to stay small forever. It’s not like that with grandchildren.

Jaylee and Ty are now 8. Avari and Jonny are 6. And Savannah is already 17 months old. Seems like they all were just babies last week!

I know there will come a time when their Nana and Pa are no longer as much “fun” to be around as we are now and we will begin to see less of them as they get involved with their friends and other things. But, hopefully, the memories we are making will stay with them a lifetime. I know I still fondly recall the time I spent with my grandparents as a child. It is their examples that I try to follow with my own grandchildren.

And, who knows, we may live long enough to see “greatgrandchildren.” What a blessing that would be!

Happy birthday this week to: Kelly Burke, Mandy Underwood, Jonny Rice, Patricia Oliver, Lisa Birdwell, Vickie Cook, Coley Clifton, Melba McNorrill, Heather Godbee and Faye Sasser.

Happy anniversary this week to: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Taft, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis miller and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Adams.

Military Active Duty

Col. James Eldridge Davis, U.S. Air Force, DoD Pentagon, Washington D.C.; TSgt. Jeremy M. Chestnut, U.S. Air Force, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS; CPT Justin G. McBride, U.S. Army, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas; Chief Warrant Officer 5 Darryll L. Simpkins, U.S. Army, Fort Gordon Logistics Readiness Center, Augusta, GA; Tech Sgt. Stuart Burrus, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-4 Christopher Simmons, U.S. Army, Missouri; E-3 Ralphael Franklin Lovett, U.S. Army, Kuwait; E-4 Rhonda Lovett, U.S. Army Reserve, Augusta, GA; Airman First Class Aaron Comstock, U.S. Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, S.C.; E-5 She’nice Thompson, U.S. Army, 25th Sustainment Brigade, HHC 25th Special Troops Battalion, Wahiawa, Hawaii; and Major D. Slade Burke, U.S. Air Force, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.

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