2017-09-27 / Editorials

Home Country

By: Slim Randles

Dud had been sitting there looking at his computer for 20 minutes and he hadn’t gotten any more done on the book. You know the one. Dud calls it “Murder in the Soggy Bottoms,” and the rest of us call it “The Duchess and the Truck Driver” because the two main characters are …. yeah, you understand.

The rest of us have only been able to look on while our pal Dudley has been going through this agony for the past several years. If we’re asked to explain the book to those not in the literary loop around here, we generally hem and haw and say something like, “I think the duchess and the truck driver love each other, and there’s some murders in it, too.”

At least, that tends to be a summation of the main theme, because we can’t see the book from Dud’s perspective. To Dud, this is the next “War and Peace” but he doesn’t want it to be that long. Also, to Dud, sitting there at his computer now for 26 minutes, he has no idea what his characters would do for 800 pages. He is still trying to figure out how to keep them busy for 300, and that hasn’t come easily.

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