2017-10-11 / Front Page

City’s solar project nearing completion

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

The City of Millen’s solar project is nearing completion. During a recent meeting of Millen City Council, City Manager Jeff Brantley updated the group on the project.

Mr. Brantley reported that both well arrays were working with the excess power generated being sold back to Georgia Power Company. He noted that he had received the contract from Georgia Power for the Waste Water Treatment Plant array and that the interconnect fee to the power company was $34,497.75. GEFA will allow $19,856 of this fee to be paid from the City’s loan, but the remaining $14,641.75 would need to be paid by the City since it is for future operations and maintenance costs. Council approved the payment of $14,641.75 from the City’s contingency funds and to allow Mr. Brantley to sign the contract with Georgia Power for the sale of all power generated at the Waste Water Treatment Plant array to the power company for 25 years.

In other matters, Council approved the tax abatement schedule presented to the City by the Jenkins County Development Authority for Scotbilt Homes, Inc. The abatement equals a 47.2% savings for the mobile home manufacturer over a 15 year period on their City property taxes. The company’s Millen facility is currently under construction at 1415 Chestnut Avenue, adjacent to the Cantsink Manufacturing solar farm.

Council also approved the termination of the Inmate Work Detail contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections. It was determined that it would be more cost effective to add another position to the Public Works Department. Two new positions were approved by Council, a new utility clerk position to the Administration Department and the new position to the Public Works Department.

Mr. Brantley reported that the City was not approved for a 2017 Community Development Block Grant. He stated that he assumed the score was low due to the low number of residents in the target area. The CSRA Regional Commission would get a report this month explaining the scoring criteria and inform him if the project was worth pursuing in 2018.

Other actions taken by City Council included: approved Debris Management Plan; authorized Mr. Brantley to negotiate and sign agreement to outsource the City’s utility billing with MuniCode; and approved the sole bid contract from K.R. Shockley Plumbing in the amount of $21,320 to replace storm drain and 40 ft of sewer line under MLK Blvd to be paid with SPLOST 6 funds.

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