2017-10-18 / Front Page

Ghost Tour around Millen set for Oct. 21!

Those desiring to get into the Halloween spirit early will have the opportunity to do just that by participating in the “First Millen Ghost Tour” on Oct. 21st. The event is being organized by Ray Miller.

Those wishing to participate should gather at Train Viewing Platform on Cotton Avenue in downtown Millen at 8 p.m. Participants will be taken on an approximately 1-mile walking, guided tour by legendary ghost hunter, Beauregard Miller IV

This is the information posted by Mr. Millen on Facebook.

“Yes friends, I recently unearthed a copy of ‘The Most Haunted Small Towns in Georgia.’ What do you know? Millen has several stories in that book. I have been asked millions of questions about the tour. The first question is, ‘Is the tour kid friendly?’ Rule number 1: If we are going to have ghosts, there must be stories about someone who met an untimely end! Don't worry about the other questions. There are no chainsaw stories, but there will be stories about train accidents, murders, suicides, falls, escaped mental patients with hooks for hands, houses built over cemeteries and other assorted scary people and events. If you want to get into the Halloween mood a week early, join Beauregard IV at 8 o'clock for the Millen Ghost Tour. Now what was that noise I just heard?”

Mr. Miller also suggest that participants wear their “running shoes”!

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