2017-10-18 / Letters


Dear Editor,

No gripes this time. The rains were plentiful and welcome. The parade and the fair were good and I must say that the city did a really good job of cleaning up beforehand and after. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces that have been absent.

My only quarrel with your opinion page was the lack of opinion and I see that Mike has taken that to heart. He is a good man and our opinions often differ but at least we are honest. The other two--phone it in or slide it under the door.

Here is a slice of advice, The GOOD OLE DAYS and the cowboy life are so far in the past that even I don't relate to most of it and I am (almost) as old as dirt. We can get our history lessons elsewhere. Telling us about how good you got it or how you stumped your toe is not interesting, it smacks of smug old dude getting paid to write nothing.

The younger folks don't have a lot of good ole day's stories. They have Desert Storm, Oil spills, global warming, Afghanistan, Iraq, suicide bombers, crazy shooters, economic upheaval, unemployment and Cops out of control.

So come on boys, we want to know what you think about the situation or move to the funny pages.

My Opinion,
Wayne Salter
Suburbs of Perkins

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