2017-10-25 / Front Page

Daniel Street to become one-way

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

During a recent meeting of the Jenkins County Commissioners, County Administrator Grady Saxon reported that in an effort to provide additional parking spaces for the Jenkins County Courthouse, Daniel Street would become one-way adjacent to the courthouse in 2018. The change will be incorporated into the City of Millen’s Streetscape Project. The matter had previously been discussed as a plan to alleviate parking problems at the courthouse during days when court was being held.

ScotBilt Homes, Inc. will receive a reduction in landfill fees for its new manufacturing facility nearing completion in the Industrial Park at 1415 Chestnut Avenue. A request from the company seeking a reduction in landfill fees was approved. ScotBilt officials had previously stated that the company would be purchasing its own truck and roll-off dumpsters and would haul its debris to the landfill directly. The landfill charges for the company were reduced from $45 per ton to $30 per ton with the Commissioners to review the matter annually.

Sheriff Robert Oglesby presented a request for the use of Drug Forfeiture funds in the amount of $9,000 for the purchase of a dog to be used for drug searches and for search and rescue operations. He then presented a $20,000 check to the Commissioners from the Sheriff’s Fees Account, stating these funds would be used to outfit two new patrol vehicles. Sheriff Oglesby asked that his department’s budget be amended by the adding the $20,000 to the current budget. Both of his requests were approved.

Commissioners Jason Oglesby brought the matter of mowing county roadways before the group, stating that he felt a better way for maintaining country roadsides was needed. He suggested that a county employee be responsible for mowing in each quadrant of the county. County Field Director Grady Lane raised safety concerns about having employees mowing alone. Commissioner Pamela Dwight inquired about the possible use of rental equipment for the remainder of the season. Mr. Lane was asked to create a plan to achieve maximum mowing along county roads.

County Administrator Saxon presented a proposal to have the landfill open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon, stating that he had received the request from several citizens. The Commissioners agreed to “test” the feasibility of opening on Saturdays for a 3-month period running through Dec. 30th.

Mr. Saxon presented a communication from Citizens Energy, owner of the solar farm on Old Louisville Road, stating that the company was not willing to add screening to the fence around the solar farm. The Commissioners had previously requested the addition of screening. Commissioner Hiller Spann stated that future solar farm proposers would be notified of the screening requirement during their initial presentation.

It was noted by Mr. Saxon that an indigent county resident has recently passed away and that the body had been cremated. The funeral home and Coroner Henry Young were asking that the county’s Indigent Death Benefit be used to pay the $500 cost. The request was approved.

Other actions taken by the Commissioners included: accepted a bid from Heavy Equipment Services in the amount of $22,000 for the purchase of a salvage grader at the Road Shop; approved renewal contract with the CSRA Rural Commission Area Agency on Aging in the amount of $1,830 with funds to be used to enhance services offered to aging population of the county; approved a 2-year renewal contract to pay for half of salary for office assistant for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the amount of $21,440 for the two year term; approved contribution to County Employee Retirement Plan in the amount of $148,752; approved appointment of G.W. Pope III to Jenkins County Memorial Library Board; and approved appointment of Steve Burke as Chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors.

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