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This Date in 1931

Thomas Alva Edison, the most prolific inventor in history, died at his home in West Orange, N.J. on October 18th. With the passing of Edison, the world has realized the close of a scientific era unsurpassed. Edison has 1,200 patents registered in Washington. Among the most important: phonograph, 1877; incandescent lamp, 1879; microphone and electric valve, 1878; motion pictures, 1894. The 52nd anniversary of the perfection of the incandescent lamp was on Oct. 21st, on which day the funeral of the genius was held.

Millen High School feels well represented by two of its graduates, Emmalane Rabb and Ben Turner, who rated so well in the intelligence test recently given to Freshmen at the University of Georgia. Out of 500 taking the test, Ben Turner rated sixth and Miss Rabb 11th.

Federal Judge James H. Wilkerson sentenced Al Capone to 11 years imprisonment for evasion of the income tax laws. Capone was fined $50,000 and ordered to pay the cost of his prosecution.

A & P Grocery advertises Jewel shortening, 8 lb. can, 35 cents; Jim Dandy grits, 3 lb. bag, 9 cents; Red Beans, l lb. can, 5 cents; Brunswick stew, can, 29 cents; rice, 5 lbs, 5 cents; and Armour’s Tripe, can, 10 cents.

There were 11,743 bales of cotton ginned in Jenkins County from the crop of 1931 prior to Oct. 18th, 1931. This compares to 13,404 bales ginned to Oct. 18, 1930.

Millen Pharmacy advertises rubbing alcohol, 39 cents; mineral oil, 60 cents; milk of magnesia, 39 cents; 5-grain aspirin tablets, 100, 50 cents; and Ford’s combination fountain pen and pencil, $1.50.

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