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Project for Better Health, Inc. has trained kidney educator

As part of the Project for Better Health (PFBH), Ryan Burke recently completed the Kidney Health Educator training through the American Kidney Fund. This training is designed to prepare trainees for educating others about taking care of their kidney health and to promote kidney health in the community. Ryan is available to answer any questions or make presentations to local groups.

For example, the two leading causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. At least half of all kidney failures are a result of diabetes. High blood pressure and diabetes damage the tiny fibers in the kidney preventing it from removing waste and extra fluid from the body. If caught early, this damage can be managed to prevent further damage. When kidneys fail, then patients must participate in dialysis, usually three days per week taking several hours per visit.

There are some risk factors related to kidney health. They include: having diabetes or high blood pressure, having a family member with kidney disease, being of African American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian descent, or being over 60 years of age.

For anyone who is concerned about kidney health, there are lab tests to check kidney health. One such test to ask the doctor about is the eGFR which measures kidney function.

So, watch your blood pressure, sugar, get active, and eat a healthy diet. Talk to a doctor early if you have concerns because catching kidney damage early is important to managing kidney health.

Anyone who has questions or wants free literature from the American Kidney Fund, or who would like more information, should come by the PRBH office at 856 Cotton Avenue or call at 706-360-6970.

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