2017-11-15 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1945

The Jenkins County Chamber of Commerce was organized last Thursday night with the purpose of putting Millen on the map. There were 27 present and everyone signed on the line to contribute monthly dues for six months. The yearly dues were set at $25.

The Statesboro High School laid claim here Friday afternoon to the First District football championship after trouncing the Millen Red Raiders 29-6.

The Rev. Roy J. Bond has been appointed pastor of the Millen Methodist Church. He succeeds Rev. J.L. Hill who has served the church for the past five years.

Millen has one of the most disastrous fires in its history Tuesday night when the Millen Warehouse, located on Winthrope Avenue, near the railroad crossing was completely destroyed. There were 1,400 bales of cotton stored in the warehouse and that was about a 50% loss. Help was summoned from nearby towns and the fire was under control but still burning Wednesday.

The Millen News send out an “SOS” for a Linotype operator stating in ad, “You can no more run a paper without a Linotype operator than you can eat without food. If you want a newspaper, one that will do credit to your town – help us find an operator!”

(The newspaper printed only one page, front and back, for several months in 1945.)

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