2017-11-22 / Editorials

Mike Reese

“I was just thinking”

Here’s what I’m thankful for. Oh, you don’t want to know what I’m thankful for. Well, that’s ok, skip me this week and move on down to Don’s column, or maybe you could use your time better to write a Facebook post like when you plan to wash clothes. People need to know.

Ok, here we go. I’m thankful for people who actually watch for the light to turn green so they can pull away promptly and I don’t have to interrupt their texting and posting with my horn. I’m thankful for people who see another call coming in when they’re talking with me and they don’t answer the other call until we’re finished talking. I’m thankful when the person I’m talking with doesn’t also converse with a second person nearby. How many times have you had to ask, “Are you talking to me or who?”

I’m thankful, too, when I order at a “slow-food” drive through and I find that my food is exactly what I ordered. I’m thankful when the lights are turned off when someone in my family leaves the room. And I’m thankful when someone, besides me, actually puts a new roll of toilet paper on the holder.

I’m thankful that following a colonoscopy and endoscopy, my doctor tells me that the little cameras that just took an exciting tour of my innards and my esophagus (thankfully different cameras) found everything to be A-Ok. I’m thankful that I don’t consider 67 “over the hill.” I’m thankful that I can still bend over and touch my toes and I can cover 3.3 miles in ten minutes on my stationary bike. I’m also thankful when my medical doctor, dentist, and eye doctor are surprised that a daily aspirin and two Prilosecs weekly are the only medicines I take. Not the norm, they tell me.

I’m thankful that I have a house that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I’m thankful that my granddaughter likes to travel with me and loves me “for a million years.” I’m really thankful that Chansley’s cat (Hope) understands that she’s not welcome in my den.

I’m thankful for the friends I made in kindergarten. And we’re still friends today. I’m thankful for the politicians who still know the difference between the truth and the lies. I’m especially thankful for my wife, my son, my granddaughter, and my brother. They love me, and, I hope still like me.

Finally, I’m thankful for the young lady who jogged past me while I was sitting on a park bench a couple of weeks ago in beautiful Savannah. She smiled as she ran by. I smiled back. But, more importantly, after she’d passed, about thirty feet later, she looked back at me over her left shoulder, still jogging, and laughed while continuing her run. Her sense of humor was truly something to be thankful for. We need more of that, especially these days.

And, I’m very thankful to you and everyone who reads “I Was Just Thinking.” Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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