2017-11-29 / Editorials

Mike Reese

“I was just thinking”

I can’t remember a time when there seems to be more uncertainty in our country. Until this year you could enjoy a good night’s sleep expecting things to be relatively the same when you wake up. Not true today. I lived through the 1960s, a decade generally regarded as a watershed decade for social change worldwide. But even with all the turmoil (Viet Nam, mind altering drugs, relaxed social standards), we all felt things would remain stable in the end.

But today it feels different. Take the truth for instance. I grew up being taught that the truth was the same on Saturday as it was on any other day of the week. The truth was based on facts, not opinions. But today you can have your own set of “facts” and truths that you live by. Search the Internet and you’ll find a platform to support eating glass for breakfast if that’s your thing.

Another 60s event, the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 caused a high level of anxiety throughout our country. But despite these feelings, we expected an eventual return to normalcy, the earth NOT imploding, with Russian and American “reasonableness” prevailing. We went to the brink and what we saw was unthinkable. Today, it’s not so clear. Can anyone say that North Korea’s leader is reasonable? Is our President reasonable? Thankfully he has grandchildren and I would hope that they are always in the forefront of all of his decisions.

I read that there were families dreading Thanksgiving this year. This favorite holiday is normally a time of families coming together. Now we worry that we’ll divide into tribes and get into arguments over politics while using sharp knives carving the turkey.

And now there are dozens of claims of sexual harassment and molestation. Every TV channel and newspaper trying to outdo their competitors, it seems. I have to keep my finger on the mute button, ready in case my granddaughter walks in. I don’t have the vocabulary or the guts to explain what’s going on now. I don’t really know anyway.

Surely we’re at the bottom. It’s hard to see things sinking lower. Of course, I think I said the same thing ten years ago. Trusted news anchors, politicians, entertainers, some now apologizing for sexual harassment recently, and years ago. Democrats, Republicans, liberal, and conservative, no one is immune. Big shots aren’t sleeping soundly now, wondering when “she” might come forward. Our own President openly admitting how he had the freedom to just walk up to women and, well, you’ve heard it. And now we’ve just found out our leaders in Washington have, for twenty years had a huge fund set up to pay off men and women for their indiscretions that may have happened last week or twenty years ago. So far $17,000,000 has already been paid by our tax money ----hush money to silence the accusers.

People innocently worshipping in their churches slaughtered by a mad man who should never have possessed any kind of firearm. Concert goers shot down like rubber ducks at a carnival. The list gets longer.

Hurry up, Christmas. There’s not been a year when we needed you more.

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