2017-11-29 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1952

In an effort to make the highway between Millen and Magnolia Springs more attractive, the land owners have agreed to plant multi-flora roses on both sides of the highway.

Thanksgiving gift to the Mount View Home and Camp for Girls is presented to Rev. Felton Williams by telephone employees Mrs. Eddie Hurst, Mrs. Frances Bonnell, Mrs. Douglas Craig, Mrs. Myrtle Franklin, Mrs. Selma Glover and Mr. Robert Bedingfield.

The first year of the operation of the Screven-Jenkins Regional Library ended on Oct. 31st. Although the bookmobile did not start until July, 3035 books were circulated from community stations and schools served by the bookmobile.

The City of Millen will have a quiet Primary on Dec. 9th with only two Councilmen nominated for 2-year terms. E.W. Lane and Merrill Johnson qualified to succeed themselves.

The qualified voters of the City of Millen will have the opportunity in January, 1953 to vote on Revenue Certificates for the building of a natural gas system for the city and community.

Jitney Jungle grocery advertises fresh pork roast, 35 cents lb., center cut pork chops, 47 cents lb.; Chef Boy-Ar-Dee meat balls, 29 cents can; cabbage, 5 cents lb.; and oranges, dozen, 15 cents.

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