2017-12-13 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Date in 1932!

Two cases of Diphtheria were reported to the Health Department last week. Fortunately, the children received treatment early enough to save both of them. It was also necessary to quarantine nearly a dozen other children who had been exposed. All parents are urged to have their children vaccinated.

A small fire around the chimney of the E.N. Brooks family called out the fire company Wednesday morning, but the fire was distinguished with buckets without much damage.

Central of Georgia Railway advertises excursion to Savannah for $1.50 every Sunday.

The murder trial of Dave Humphrey ends in a mistrial here on Wednesday. The jury stood eight for acquittal and four for conviction. The defendant was recommitted to jail.

Not a great deal of interest was manifested in the election here on Wednesday of two councilmen. The total vote was only 263. J.F. Bates received 222 votes; M.G. McComb, 156; and W.M. Tinley, 146.

The Millen News advertises a special $1 renewal of newspaper subscriptions during the month of December.

A&P grocery advertises Lucky Strike cigarettes for $1.55 per carton or four tins of 50 for $1.32; grapes, 3 lbs. for 25 cents; lettuce, 3 heads for 15 cents; and chocolate covered cherries for 39 cents per box.

Judge William Woodrum will be sworn in January 1st as Superior Court Judge; D.A. Bragg as City Court Solicitor; H.C. Lewis as Tax Receiver; M.G. Johnson as Sheriff; Ben Patterson as Ordinary; and Robie Gray and E.G. Gay as County Commissioners.

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