2017-12-20 / Front Page

Charges against Jenkins County Solicitor Troy Gay dismissed

Charges against Jenkins County Solicitor Troy Gay have been dismissed. A Jenkins County Grand Jury met earlier this month in Jenkins County Superior Court and returned a True No Bill in the case.

“True No Bill” is defined as a legal procedure to dismiss charges against a defendant when the grand jury does not find enough evidence to charge the defendant with violating a law. It is also called a “No Bill.”

Mr. Gay, who has served as Solicitor since January 1999, faced charges of Aggravated Assault and Cruelty to Children in connection with a June 4th domestic incident that occurred at his home. Mr. Gay has also served as County Attorney for over 20 years. He was suspended by the Jenkins County Commissioners from that position, pending the outcome of the court case.

The Millen News will continue to follow this developing news story.

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