2018-01-24 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When – This Date in 1930

The Financial Statement of the City of Millen show the amount of cash and sundry accounts turned over to the new council by the retiring officials as follows: Cash - $490; Brick - $607.17; Good Accounts - $64.03; Sundry fi fas - $40.09.

January Quarterly Term of City Court – Guy Dickey, Disturbing Divine Worship, Guilty, $25 or four months; Ed Dunbar, Simple Larceny, Guilty, 6 months or $45; John Arthur Gaynor, Having Liquor, Nol Porssed; Frank Wheeler, Simple Larceny, Not Guilty; L. J. Roberts, Cheating and Swindling, Nol Prossed; Belton Tarver, Assault and Battery, 7 months on gang; Spear Taylor, Disturbing Divine Worship, $22.50 or 6 months; James Reddy, Carry Pistol-No License, $75 or 12 months; Nathan Dixon, Having Liquor, Plea of Guilty, $600 or 12 months; Dock McMillan, Having Liquor, Verdict of Guilty, $120 or 8 months.

W.M. Tinley advertises special cash prices: Charmer Coffee, per lb., 26 cents; Maxwell House Coffee, per lb., 43 cents; 8 lbs. lard, $1.10; 4 lbs. lard, 59 cents; 3 boxes matches, 10 cents; No. 2 can Olympia Peas, 10 cents; and No. 2 can Olympia Lima Beans, 14 cents.

John C. Wilson Company advertises, “Farm Machinery Cheaper Than Labor.” E.H. Thompson in charge.

J.F. Stephens celebrates 22 years of continuous service as the oldest exclusive grocery store in town.

A number of children that never saw any snow, witnessed the short snow flurry Thursday morning, barley covering the house tops and depositing a light coat on the ground. It was Millen’s first snow in 15 years.

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