2018-02-07 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When

– This Date in 1923

U.S. Revenue officers, J.W. Griffin, S.P. Land, J.A. Monroe and J.H. Gasley have been at work in Jenkins County since last Friday in the endeavor to local illicit handlers and makers of liquor. Since their arrival, they have made several raids, capturing one still, a quantity of beer and six men. The men arrested have all pled guilty. They are working out of Sheriff Marbach’s office.

On Thursday evening the farmers of the Norwood section of the county organized the Norwood Agricultural Association for the purpose of bettering the agricultural conditions of the county. The Woman’s Club deserves the credit as they are the instigators of this movement. Mr. W.T.P. Geiger was elected President with Mr. Wright Aaron as Secretary and Treasurer.

Millen High School won its third basketball game of the season Wednesday afternoon when it successfully overwhelmed the Red and Black warriors from Midville High School in an exciting game by the score of 30-12.

Mrs. H.P. Anderson and Miss Edith Herrington opened up the “Quality Shop” last Thursday morning showing some of the very latest styles of millinery and other things of interest to the ladies.

The Millen Chero-Cola plant has been purchased by Leo M. Wolkes of Adel and W.L. Conoly of Sylvester. The new management announce that they will endeavor to run one of the best and most sanitary soft drink institutions in the state.

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