2018-02-21 / Editorials

Martha Chalker


Is there something you’ve always wanted to do in life but for some reason you just haven’t yet? Do you have a bucket list you’d like to start on right away? Catch yourself thinking, well maybe next year?

I always thought I wanted to go skydiving. How exciting and scary to have the experience of jumping out of a plane. My dad was a paratrooper in the army and when I was in college in the late 70s I asked him to teach me. His answer was, “My paratrooping days are over.”

Fast forward, I have a son who is an exceptional enough pilot, he flies a jump plane on weekends for the owner of The Jumping Place in Statesboro. I also have an almost fearless dare devil daughter who will challenge me to any and everything. Christopher, my son approached me a few years ago with “Mom, you should really come and watch the skydiving video and do this”! My gut response was no, no, no, I am too fat and out of shape to do that now.

Fearless family of skydivers, from left, Christopher Jenkins with baby Avonlea, Martha Chalker, Leslie Woods,and Jennifer Jenkins. My husband, Roy, said, “No! You cannot use that as an excuse. You can be too afraid or too nervous or scared to death, but fat and out of shape is no legitimate reason.” My daughter, Leslie, added, “We should so do this together, Mom!”

So we did! Leslie and I went up for the first time in a jump plane together with our tandem partners with Christopher piloting. We each rolled out, first Leslie, then me, and had the most amazing and exhilarating time ever. Another pilot took Christopher and his wife, Jennifer, up for their first jump as their four kids eagerly watched for their parents to return from the sky. We made some of the best memories and we have videotapes to ensure we never forget the day.

So now this personal coach is challenging you to identify some activity or experience you’ve always dreamed of and encourage you to take the proactive steps to make it happen. Contact the people you want to share the experience and go do it now!

Here are some suggestions on options to get you started.

The Jumping Place Skydiving Center, 127 Airport Road, Statesboro, GA 30456 www.thejumpingplace.com.

Always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Go to www.Avigation-Pro.com and get started today. Owner is Chris Jenkins who grew up in Waynesboro.

Fury 325 Rollercoaster at Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, N.C. It’s the second tallest and fastest Giga Coaster in the world and the sixth tallest overall.

Patriot Riverboat Tours

Docked on the Savannah River located at Riverwalk Marina at 15th Street, Augusta, www.patriotboat.net/ab.

If you are homebound or it’s difficult for you to get out and go places or your finances are tight, do something completely creative. Start a book club and invite only those people who lift you up and are positive to be around. Learn to play bridge and have a card game once a month. Or make it a Scrabble day with tea and cookies. You’ll have something to look forward to, will be keeping your mind sharp and maintaining important relationships face-to-face.

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