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Dear Editor,

..-|...|.-|...|.-|--..--|..-.|-|.-.-.-|-..|.|...-|.|-.|...|--..--|--|.-|...|...|.-.-.-|.- ---|----.|-....|---..|...-.- with six carbon manifolds and striking keys hard enough to cut the centers out of O's, zero's and eights! Crypto my friends.

Happy St. Valentine's. What?? That was last week. It is a bit strange communicating in this fashion; Friday deadline, before noon, to get published in the middle of next week. It is no wonder that newspapers are among the dinosaurs of communication. Thank you lawyers, past and present, for enabling The Millen News to survive as a Legal Organ of Jenkins County. We live in a fast paced world. We don't write letters, we send email. We carry our telephone like an appendage. We want our packages delivered overnight if not sooner. Where the heck is that drone?

We live in a fast paced world. We want what we want right now. People say that they want quality but not for the price that quality costs. We settle for the appearance of quality at a price that is pleasing to the purse. This compromise leads to a delusional value system. The money saved by buying inferior goods is not put into savings but rather squandered in a way that would have seemed unimaginable not so long ago. Minutes that expire, data streams, smart(?) appliances and gadgets, Alexa and video games are among the latest money gobblers.

If perchance you decide to invest some of your unearned savings may I suggest Disney, Coke and undertakers. sin, deception and death are a sure thing, very profitable and morally acceptable. Your monetary profits will be substantial.

Just so there is no confusion about meaning, this is my definition of morally acceptable: in a way that is considered right according to the code of behavior of a particular society it is permissible.

Wayne Salter - Suburbs of Perkins

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