2018-02-21 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When

–This Date in 1958!

Jenkins County has again been honored by having had named as one of the 11 Master Farm Families of Georgia for 1958, the E.S. Gay Sr. family of the Norwood section of our county. The Emory Gay farm could truthfully be called a “family farm” since his two boys are busily and happily engaged in the diversified farming operation. A dinner in the family’s honor is to be held at the Millen Community House on Tuesday.

Millen Furniture Company advertises “Whirlpool Automatic Washer” for $249.95 or $3 per week. R.H. Barefield and R.M. Reese, owners.

Fletcher Funeral Home advertises “air conditioning for your comfort” and “competent personnel.”

Bids for the widening, reconstruction and resurfacing of State Route 21, Fed. Route 25, from Waynesboro city limits to the north city limits of Millen is being sought. The project will be 18.229 miles in length and will be considered a major project with bids set to be opened March 14th.

Mrs. Eileen Lanier Thompson, wife of Dr. Cleveland Thompson Sr., died at the residence late Monday afternoon after an extended illness. Mrs. Thompson shared her husband’s medical profession and worked untiringly for the development of the Millen Hospital, which her husband owned and operated for many years.

The regular weekly meeting of the Millen Rotary Club was highlighted by a program given by members of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y of the local high school. Participating were Jan Stephens, Rebie Mays, Arnold Mulkey, Tommy Neal, Earle Stirekey, Bill Dekle and Joe Parker.

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