2018-02-28 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –This Date in 1932

Five more candidates have announced since last week: E.G. Weathers for Judge of City Court; L.P. Strickland for Solicitor; E.S. Gay, E.O. Mays and John D. Newton for County Commissioner. Also, in this issue will be found an announcement from William Woodrum who is a candidate for Judge of Superior Court.

A & P Grocery advertises: 3 tall cans of salmon, 25 cents; flour, 24 lbs., 63 cents; pork and beans, 1 lb. can, 5 cents; rice, 5 lbs.,19 cents; cheese, 15 cents lb.; and tuna fish, 15 cents a can.

The little heir of the flying Lindberghs, the blonde, chubby-cheeked Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., has been kidnapped. He was taken from his crib in the second floor nursery of the Lindbergh estate and there has been no trace found of him since. At least one of the kidnappers was a woman. The footprints told authorities that.

Christmas will come in the middle of summer 500,000 years from now unless the calendar is changed. Although the outlook is startling to laymen, the problem of trying to make the calendar year and the solar year jibe has worried scientists since the time of the Pharaohs.

The pretty bungalow belonging to the Ben Johnsons’ was almost entirely consumed by fire early Saturday morning. The fire of unknown origin started in the rear of the house and only a small part of the roof in front and some weatherboarding was left. The Johnsons were away from home.

The Millen High School band was organized this past week with 37 pieces. The band will be under the direction of G.R. Hurd.

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