2018-03-07 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When – This Date in 1949!

According to Merrill Johnson, President of the Millen Ball Club, Millen will have a team in the Ogeechee League again this season. Robie Gray will be the new Secretary of the Millen Club. Mr. Johnson announced this week that under the rules of the League, no team will be allowed to spend more than $2,600 per month for players. The maximum amount for the manager will be $250 and all players will be limited to $200.

Effective Feb. 28th, Buford Small, Superintendent of Magnolia Springs State Park has resigned his position after having occupied the same since Dec. 7, 1948. Mr. Small will return to his private business within the very near future. Mr. James Hugh Vaughn of McIntire, GA has been named the new Superintendent.

The local REA cooperative is now taking applications from those not currently served by rural electrification. The coop has been most fortunate in securing an additional car of aluminum wire and now ready to building extensions. If you do not have lights, you should make applications immediately, according to Kermit J. Chance, manager.

During this week, four young Brazilian engineers have been the guests of the Planters Electric Membership Corporation for the purpose of studying the REA program. This is the 13th co-op in the United States they have visited since arriving in the States in September 1948. There is at this time no rural electrification in Brazil. The engineers are studying the various phases of development connected with the local REA.

Sims Food Store advertises: 5 lbs. grits, 27 cents; 3 lbs. rice, 49 cents; 10 lbs. meal, 54 cents; pure cane syrup, gallon, 57 cents; peaches, 2 cans, 35 cents; and Jello pudding, 3 pkgs., 18 cents.

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