2018-07-11 / Cards of Thanks

Thank You!

Dear Family and Friends of Gary Paul Clifton,

Thank you so much to those of you who came to visitation and/or the funeral service last week to pay your respects and to grieve the death of my dad. Thanks, too, to those of you who were not able to make it that day but who nonetheless have been a source of friendship, care, laughter, and support to dad over the years.

My dad was a farmer, like his father before him—like many of you and your kin. At different times, he had a dairy, beef cows, hogs, chickens, goats. His life wasn’t easy but it was honest, earnest. He worked the land and provided for his children, even when it wasn’t easy. He was constant, steadfast, reliable—qualities many of you liked and respected. He was smart—not book smart, a more grounded, embodied kind of smart—and generous and funny. He laughed and teased a lot, even when he was hurting. He couldn’t help himself.

“See, here,” as Dad would say when he was about to say something important: I had not seen some of you in many years. Some of you I was glad to meet for the first time. Some of you I’ve been with my whole life, and I was glad to be able to see your loving eyes and fall into your arms for much needed hugs. I am immensely grateful for all of you—for your presence that day and for the day-in and day-out ways you’ve looked out for and stood by my dad, me and our family. At a painful and difficult time, your hugs and kindness, your stories and memories were—and are—an amazing and generous gift. On an occasion to mourn the death of my father, your love was—is—life-giving. I will always be grateful. Please accept my deep and most heartfelt thanks.

With much love from El Paso, Texas,
Jennifer Lynn Clifton

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