2018-07-11 / Front Page

County’s unemployment rate drops

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

Jenkins County’s unemployment rate for the month of May dropped slightly from the previous month, according to statistics released by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The county’s rate for May was 4.6%, as compared to 4.8% for the month of April. This was significantly lower than the county’s 6.3% unemployment rate for May 2017.

The number of unemployed in the county also dropped from 150 in May to 146 for April. However, initial unemployment claims rose from 21 in April to 38 for May.

On the state level, 17 counties or 11% had unemployment rates for the month of May that were 5.0% or greater. Fifty-two counties, or 33%, were at 4.0% or greater and 81 counties, or 51%, had rates of 3.0% or greater. Only nine counties boasted of unemployment rates at 3.0% or less.

Clay County held the highest unemployment rate in the state for the month of May at 7.2%. Following were Wheeler County at 6.2% and Webster County at 5.9%

Burke County held the highest unemployment rate of the surrounding counties at 5.3%. Following were: Emanuel County at 4.9%; Screven at 4.5%; Bulloch with a 3.6% rate and Candler at 3.0%.

The May unemployment rate for the state of Georgia was 3.5%, down from 3.7% in April. The national rate also dropped from 3.9% in April to 3.8% for May.

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