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Commissioners approve resurfacing of Hiltonia Road

By Deborah Bennett
Millen News editor

Hiltonia Road approved for resurfacing by Jenkins County Commissioners. (Staff photo by Hiltonia Road approved for resurfacing by Jenkins County Commissioners. (Staff photo by During a recent meeting of the Jenkins County Commissioners, the condition of county roads was a major topic of discussion.

The commissioners approved the resurfacing of Hiltonia Road and the low bid for the project from Ellis Wood Company in the amount of $908,454.60. Chairman Hiller Spann was authorized to sign a Resolution of Acceptance and any remaining contract documents.

Field Director Grady Lane discussed the closure of Perkins-Green Fork Road, noting that survey work was currently being done to determine the best way to fix the undermined road. Once the needed repair work was determined, the project would be put out for bids.He noted that Reeves Construction would be milling and resurfacing Hwy. 301 in Screven County and that he would like to be able to acquire up to 10 loads of these millings for county road improvements. Chairman Spann commented that he and Mr. Lane would be riding county roads to access resurfacing needs and looking for additional areas that may qualify for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) improvements.

Nick and Julie West expressed concerns over the poor condition of Langston Drive during rainy weather and concerns over the damage being caused by 4-wheelers traveling the road. They submitted photographs of the road and ditches near their home. It was determined that the Road Department would do what it could to improve the condition of the road as soon as weather permitted. Commissioner Spann also stated that he would see if the area would qualify for a CDBG.

Larcesta Stokes requested that the dead end road leading to her property, Stacey Road, be closed at her property since she owns all the property surrounding the end of the road. The procedures for closing a road were explained, including expenses she would incur. The commissioners agreed to begin the process.

In other matters, County Attorney George Rountree discussed a resolution for the 10% Jail Fund Surcharge that was being added to court fines. The resolution was approved. He then discussed a previously signed resolution regarding Superior Court and State Court being held at the City of Millen Municipal Building. He stated that the resolution was a necessary step for holding court at an alternate location.

The proposed replacement of Harrison Bridge was discussed along with the contract that was presented to the commissioners by the Department of Transportation. Questions arose due to the anticipated right-of-way requirement being deemed excessive with an estimated cost of $116,000. The county would be responsible for half of the cost.

County Administrator Grady Saxon stated that, according to plans for the original bridge, the county maintained a 100 ft. right-of-way through the entire length of the proposed project. Chairman Spann stated that he would be speaking with Rep. Butch Parrish regarding the matter.

Lynda Brown with TenCommandmentsga.org asked for permission to allow her organization to place nine documents, allowed by state law, in the Jenkins County Courthouse at no cost to the county. The documents included the Ten Commandments, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Preamble to the Georgia Constitution, Star Spangled Banner, Lady Justice and the National Motto. Her request was approved.

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