2018-08-08 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When –

This Day in in 1931

The first bale of cotton from this section was raised near Garfield and ginned there on Tuesday of this week. It is reported that a number of farmers from this county have begun picking.

Soldiers stood guard today over the vast Oklahoma oil fields which Gov. W.H. Murray shut down under martial law in a drastic attempt to save the state’s first industry by forcing up the prices of crude oil to a dollar a barrel. Every well in the Oklahoma City field was shut down.

Rogers Quality Food Shop advertises 2 loaves of bread for 15 cents; Best American Cheese for 17 cents lb.; one lb. coffee for 15 cents; Campbell’s baked beans for 7 ½ cents; and sardines for 10 cents can.

Central of Georgia Railway advertises round trip excursion from Millen to Tybee for $3 on Saturday, Aug. 8.

The Princess Theater announces the showing of “Ten Cents a Dance” with Barbara Stanwyk and Richard Cortez and “A Connecticut Yankee” Starring Will Rogers.

Jenkins County Farmers unanimously adopt a resolution not to plant a seed of cotton in 1932 provided that farmers of every other cotton producing county in the state and every other cotton producing state in the South similarly obligate themselves and further provided that the present cotton crop is to be withheld from the market for one year or until such time that a price level be established that would induce some producers to sell and further provided that reasonable advances be made upon the cotton surrendered and that the ultimate price to be that upon which final settlement shall be made.

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