2018-12-05 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When – This Day in 1951

There was presented to Board of Roads and Revenues of Jenkins County on Wednesday several petitions signed by several hundred alleged qualified voters of Jenkins County seeking permission for the showing of Sunday movies within the county. The petitions were signed in the interest of the Jenkins Drivein Theater but the Pal Theater and Moonlight Drive could also benefit should permission be granted by the Commissioners. It should be noted that approximately 40% of the signatures are among the colored registered voters in the county. The Jenkins Drive-in did not have its Sunday showing last week due to a temporary injunction signed by Judge J.L. Renfroe in behalf of plaintiffs Clyde Dekle and Walter Harrison who sought to stop the showing until all legal requirements had been met.

The local Coopers plant has added 10-12 new workers this week and is in the market for more. The plant’s present workforce numbers around 65. A sign has been ordered to be installed on the building on Daniel’s Street which will make the premises more attractive.

Jenkins County farmers have enjoyed one of their finest years in the production of cotton, according to County Agent Harry Fussell. Up to Dec. 1st, 12,138 bales of cotton have been ginned in the county and some farmers report they are still picking. The final ginning is expected to be around 12,500 bales.

The monthly report to the Mayor and Council indicated that November was a light month in comparison to recent months in the matter of apprehending law violators. The report is as follows: Plain Drunk – 4; Drunk and Disorderly – 6; Driving While Under the Influence of Intoxicants – 3; Disorderly Conduct -7; and Assembling for the Purpose of Gaming – 7.

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