2019-01-16 / Other Jenkins News

Library News

By Sharon Blank

Do you want to paint a snowflake? It’s cool and it’s abstract and you can learn how to paint it at our monthly Paint @ the Library adult painting class, this Saturday at 11 am! Space is limited, so sign up now.

We will be closed on Monday, January 21, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will reopen at our usual time on Tuesday, January 22.

Every Tuesday at 4 pm we have an amazing storytime for the kids. They’ll have a blast listening to some great stories and doing fun crafts related to the stories, and improve their reading skills too. This Tuesday, January 22, our storytime will be about Martin Luther King, Jr. Next Tuesday, January 29, our storytime will be about the world’s coolest birds – penguins.

Our monthly STEAM Day will be on Friday, January 25, at 4 pm, and we’ll be testing your puzzle solving skills with a Breakout Box. What’s a breakout box? It’s like an escape room, only smaller – and it’s a ton of fun to solve! Participants will be given clues that will help them unlock a series of boxes that will in turn lead you step by step through solving a mystery.

The Jenkins County Memorial Library Board of Trustees will be meeting on Wednesday, January 16 at 10:30 am at the library. The Screven-Jenkins Regional Library System Board of Trustees meeting will be on Thursday, January 25, at 4 pm in the Jenkins County Memorial Library.

For the latest information about what’s happening at the library, head over to www.facebook.com/jenkinscountymemoriallibrary and click “Like!”

New at the library – A Delicate Touch by Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington has been asked to help out with what seems a simple request: an old acquaintance needs an expert in an esoteric field, with both the knowledge and dexterity needed to solve a puzzle. But solving that puzzle blows the lid off a bigger scandal that goes back for decades and involves a number of prominent New Yorkers who would very much like the past to stay buried.

Well, that’s all for now – see you at the library.

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