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Martha Chalker

WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get – and Authenticity

WYSIWYG pronounced “wizzywig” is supposedly one of the best known acronyms. I’d never heard it. I asked around the office and “nope” nobody else had heard of this acronym either, that is until I asked Roy Chalker. More...

Slim Randles


“Well,” said Steve, polishing off the last of his coffee, “what should we discuss this fine morning?”  “I’m awful glad you asked, ol’ pard,” came the cheerful voice of Windy Wilson, emerging throug More...

Don Lively


(Reprinted from 2011) Why is it that when you’re a kid with lungs like zeppelins you only have to blow out a handful of candles on that yearly cake in your honor, but when you reach the age when there are dozens of little flames to extinguish i More...