2021-03-31 E-Edition

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Local Leaders Say, “No More Trash”

During the past several months both city and county leaders have been in negotiations to outsource the trash pickup in Millen and Jenkins County. Those negotiations have finally been completed at a substantial cost savings to the tax payers. Allgreen Services, Inc., a company headquartered in Statesboro, Ga has been awarded the contract and residents should start seeing their garbage […]

Eviction Leads To More Than Bargained For

On the cool, crisp morning of Wednesday, March 10, the Jenkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a residence off of South Masonic Street to serve an eviction notice. Upon arrival of deputies, the property occupant, identified as Jeffery Harris, was observed throwing something on the ground. A search of the premises and Mr. Harris led to the discovery of […]

2020 Census Offers Snapshot Of County

The 2020 Census data has been reported and the numbers look good for Jenkins County. The population rose in the ten years proceeding the last census in 2010 by 453; finishing with a total county population of 8,793. Residents of Jenkins County reported an average household income of $27,375.00 with the poverty rate at a staggering 30.5%. The state of […]

Jenkins County Lags In Vaccinations

The vaccine has been out for several months now and Jenkins County continues to lag in vaccinations. The latest data reveals that Jenkins County has seen 529 persons fully vaccinated against the virus, a mere 5.99% of the Jenkins County population. The entire state of Georgia has seen 35% of the population either fully vaccinated or at least one dose […]

Eagle Notes

I have a vision problem. I am nearsighted and have reached a point where my prescription for contacts just isn’t enough anymore. I have to wear glasses AND contacts to see. The struggle is real! Amazingly, our boys haven’t experienced any problems with their vision. Cary has worn glasses since he was two! That is one genetic anomaly that I […]

Bragg Receives Top Honor

Linda F. Bragg, a representative of Modern Woodmen of America, has been named to Modern Woodmen’s President’s Club. This distinction recognizes Bragg’s high achievement in the sales of financial products to meet families’ protection, savings and retirement needs. The local Modern Woodmen office is located at 121 Terri Drive in Millen. Contact Linda at 706-871-0914 for more information. You must […]

Brier Creek Holds 2nd Annual Banquet

The Brier Creek Revolutionary War Battlefield Association, Inc held its 2nd Annual Banquet at the Cadillac Ranch in Screven County. An outstanding meal was served by Happy’s Restaurant from Swainsboro.The speaker for the evening was Dr. John K. Derden, who presented his program on “The American Revolution: Legacies and Challenges”. Dr. Derden is a retired history professor from East Georgia […]

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 6: The City of Millen will hold their monthly council meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The public is welcome to attend. Tuesday, April 13: The Jenkins County Commissioners meeting will be held at 4 p.m. The public is invited to attend. Saturday, April 17: The Jenkins County Republican Party will hold their yearly precinct meeting and […]

Keyholes And Windows Into The Past

Unearthing Camp Lawton

As we progress through our Spring fieldwork, we’ve mainly used one archaeological technique so far, and that has been metal detector survey. Within a 50 meter by 50 meter square, we’ve been metal detecting in 1 meter wide transects (all the measurements we use are metric, because metric is the universal scientific standard, and what pretty much all archaeologists, with […]