2021-12-15 E-Edition

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And the winners are . . .

The judges of the 2021 Christmas Decoration Contest have made their decisions and the Millen Garden Council has delivered the signs to the winners. This year saw several newcomers to the winners of the annual event. The Millen Garden Council and the Jenkins County Chamber of Commerce sponsors the annual event and would like to thank everyone who participated and […]

Two students awarded REACH Scholarship

Two Jenkins County students have been awarded the REACH scholarship. Eighth graders Mya Abraham and Sophia Lewis signed a pledge to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and uphold good behavior. The middle school students, if all the directives are achieved throughout their school careers, will receive $10k upon graduation to attend a college of their choice. REACH Georgia Scholarship […]

Only 10 more shopping days

There are only 10 more shopping days left till Christmas. The Millen merchants tell us they have fully stocked shelves and are anxiously awaiting those last minute shoppers. Now is also the time to grab those good deals as the clock winds down on the shopping season. Merchants say this is the best Christmas they have seen in several years […]

Gardening with Talmadge Topsoil

I was reading an article recently that stated that the Midwest corn belt has lost one third of its topsoil. A loss of topsoil means less plant growth, less productivity, less food production and LOSS in general. Top soil is a carbon rich, moist soil that all plant life craves.Top soil holds nutrients and moisture that is essential for plant […]

Bethel AME to hold in-person worship

Bethel AME Millen will hold their first in-person worship service inside the church since the pandemic began. The public is invited to attend the service this Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021 at 11 a.m. in the social hall. Bethel AME has worked tirelessly with other churches in the community to ease the suffering of the Millen residents through various drives and […]

St. Michael’s hosts Breakfast with Santa

Santa Claus will be joining the kind folks at St. Michael’s Saturday breakfast, Heaping Hands. What surprises will he bring with him? If you would like to join the festivities by volunteering to help serve breakfast to those in need this Saturday, please contact Father Larry Jesion at 706-544-3465. You must be a paid subscriber to access this content! Please […]

Moore assumes command at Fort Wainwright

Captain Brandon J. Moore, the grandson of Cleo and Bobby Anthony and the son of William Moore and Kaylene Sherrod-Moore, has graduated from the Logistics Captain Career Course at Fort Lee, Virginia. Captain Moore is presently stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska where he assumed command. The Change of Command Ceremony was attended by his parents and Alphonso and Sheila Grubbs. […]

Port of Savannah sets 16th consecutive monthly cargo record

ATLANTA – Supply chain issues aren’t affecting the Port of Savannah’s ability to move containerized cargo. The port’s Garden City Terminal handled 495,750 twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) last month, a 6.7% increase over November of last year and a new monthly record for the Georgia Ports Authority. In fact, Savannah has set record cargo volumes for 16 consecutive months, […]

Library holds painting class

The Jenkins County Memorial Library held their first monthly painting class since the pandemic began to the excitement of would be painters. June Van Buren, Sandy Morris, Jerry Messex and Lori Taylor learned how to paint a Christmas stocking scene. The next class will be held in January. You must be a paid subscriber to access this content! Please login […]